A Mariposa Azul Acceptance, mourning and self healing

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A Mariposa Azul

Beauty, transformation and metamorphosis icon,  the moth is seen in many cultures as the representation of loved ones that are gone. For many, the visit of a butterfly means messages of peace, love and tranquility.

It was in A MARIPOSA AZUL that Andrea Murgel found the meaning of the word "rebirth" in its various aspects. At the height of her personal, professional and affectionate satisfaction, in a trap of fate, the successful businesswoman lost her 21-year-old son Eduardo, and saw her whole world crumble. She needed to find a way to rediscover the meaning of hes own life and thus she knew a new way of analyzing her emotions: writing. To keep her balance, she decided to write one page a day in a notebook. The texts carry the emotional load, the indescribable intensity of a mother who reports to the son who has already left, who writes what is left to be said, that says "I love you" and, as time goes by, with the help of family members, friends, therapists, and books about mourning, manages not only to understand the inevitability of facts as the need to celebrate life.

In order to help other mothers who have experienced the same problem, Andrea created the blog MÃES, VAMOS CONVERSAR. In a few months it gathered tens of thousands of followers and today it addresses issues such as loss, acceptance, grieving process, spirituality and rebirth.

The book A MARIPOSA AZUL brings together the texts of the handwritten notebook and Andrea's Blog, closing the cycle one year after Eduardo's loss. Despite having loss as a starting point, the book is a true declaration of love, pure and unconditional, with which everyone identifies. The work also features family photos and testimonials from friends. In this way, Andrea discovered that besides being reborn in herself, A MARIPOSA AZUL is also a way to eternalize her son and all the children of the world.

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Andrea Murgel launches Cristal, second book of his trilogy


After the great success of A Mariposa Azul, her first book, Andrea Murgel launches in October Crystal, by the publisher 3R. The new book deals with the experiences of the author and the lessons of overcoming she have learned in the second and third years after the loss of her son Eduardo Murgel, who died in 2013.

Cristal is the second book in the trilogy designed by Andrea, which aims to bring education to grief, comfort, strength and messages of optimism to thousands of mothers who have lost their children. Murgel gathered stories written by her, which portray her routine, challenges and experiences. "A symbol of purity, light and a beautiful fragility, so the Crystal, the name chosen by me to baptize the new book and which refers to the current state of my heart and that of all the mothers’ hearts who have seen their children leave early," affirms the author.

"I wondered what I could give my moms after the beautiful Mariposa Azul, which came a little bit from the earth and a little from the sky. Now that time has passed a little, I should deliver a diamond, a very large crystal, symbolizing our heart, "adds Andrea.

Like A Mariposa Azul, Cristal is a biography that exposes Andrea's journey after the departure of her Dudu. In addition to the books, Andrea maintains other channels of communication to develop a work still rare in Brazil, of support and welcome for those who go through the indescribable and painful process of mourning. Her blog maesvamosconversar.wordpress.com receives thousands of visits, which gave rise to his first challenge: write A Mariposa Azul.

Her Facebook page and her youtube video titled Acolhimento do Luto (subtitled in English) also bring the writer closer to people who seek knowledge and want to share experiences.
Seeking contact with its readers and followers, Andrea created in 2015 the project S.O.S. Mãezinhas, where she gathers a calendar of lectures and meetings that take place throughout Brazil.


About the author

Andréa Murgel has graduated in Media in PUC-Rio and has a degree in Marketing from ESPM. For more than 20 years in the insurance area, she is also a therapist, Reiki master and volunteer for causes in pediatric center in Rio de Janeiro, where she becomes the Pink Fairy, a character created to donate her love to sick and needy.

Nowadays, after the loss of her son Dudu, Eduardo Murgel de Castro, in addition to continuing her solidarity journey, she is also the entrepreneur of Equilíbrium Spa da Mente, a nucleus where therapies are applied to improve the human being as a whole and she lives for her more noble cause, which she calls a mission, which is to help in losses, to support other mothers, to give lectures in the name of love all over Brazil and to carry A Mariposa Azul through the world.

The author of A Mariposa Azul, Andrea Murgel, wrote this beautiful work through unconditional love for her son Dudu, who left in January 2013. In the Book, the author addresses each stage of the mourning process, which she decided to study and went deep to understand their reactions in order to help other mothers and their families. Written with her soul, as she herself says, Mariposa Azul, is already in its second edition. Now it helps not only other mothers, but has been awakening the therapists who have been indicating the book frequently to their patients throughout Brazil.


The book in a pill

This is a very inspiring topic.

For me, to be a mother comes down to learning how to love unconditionally someone that you will follow, love, care for and be proud of, to whom you will always want all the best. To be a mother is to do everything for this being that has literally left our bellies.


The way we eat also changes a lot. I believe that at the beginning, some of us stop eating, because there is no possibility of eating food, and pleasure disappears, so we lose a lot of weight. That was my case, as I mentioned earlier. I lost seven kilos(15 pounds) and, in the end, I liked the result … I was more chic!

After a few months, we go back to eating, and in my case, eat a loooot of candy, especially chocolate, because of the serotonin, the one that makes us happier for a while.

I let myself navigate the waters of the new life, loving all and vibrating light. I continue with faith and with the union between the divine energy and the vital energy, through Reiki. This gift I received one day. If I drown in one day, in the other I survive, if I lose myself one day, the next I find myself and take steps. A few or many, it doesn’t matter; I take steps.

I grieve, yes! We need to understand what this is, because we should all have some preparation on how to deal with this topic. Know that it is not heaven or hell and there are already so many controversial declarations, but our society is not prepared, and this is true for me too.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who prays, remembers, cares, understands that eight months are absolutely nothing to those who have lost, but I also hope to be positioning myself in a nice way with everyone, doing my best today.

The family also goes through the mourning, not only the mother and the father, but the siblings, uncles, grandparents too, each with its dose of suffering, disbelief and way to move on, it’s really hard and they are not making a fuss about it. People think time has past, are they still not well?

No, they are not! Mourning lasts for at least a year, it exists and is a very complex process to be faced … I wish I had the ability to snap my fingers and go back in time where nothing happened. But this does not exist, so I have to face reality and lean on the fact that I will not give up !!!!!!!!

Mother, do not think, just follow your instincts. You are not God, you can not save everyone.

The most important thing you already understood: I am always with you, by your side, do not think much now. That’s enough!

Your feelings for me are so honest that I would not be missed. I’m learning as much as you; we have a mission and we will carry it out. The will of the Creator will be done. Your heart needs to calm down, but if you need to cry, cry, that I will wipe your tears with my love and my light.

Mother, dear, to love you is not difficult at all; It’s difficult to have to leave watching you suffer.

Please do not suffer, just feel me, and I’ll be around.

Thank you for being my mother until eternity.

Please do not worry, I’m fine. Now I understand, and you will also understand: give time to time.

Dudu, with much love and light.


God, questions without answers, thousands of books! I lived all this in a very intense and painful way, because we do not really have answers: they are within ourselves.

It is worth mentioning that even recognizing us in a certain phase of mourning, we can go back to the other phases or go to later phases, it is normal. It resembles a bipolarity, but it is not.

Day of the Dead? Who are the dead, if they are alive? Even so I will ask God to support all who are with you in another dimension, with love and light.

Well, we were out there, sipping wine and staring at the stars. There is a special star that is always born huge and bright in the east, very visible, draws attention. According to your grandfather, it looks like a flying saucer. I always look at it and think, “I’d give anything for a second inside that star with you!” Would it be Venus?

Today was better, with my parents and siblings-in-law. I worked out a lot, I showered on Joaquim, Grandma painted my hair with a toner. For a second, I opened the window to throw away little Joaquim’s hair that were on the towel and saw the sun setting and I heard the nature. Nature speaks and it’s beautiful when we stop to listen to it.

Is my rebirth coming? Son, I feel and I hear you from time to time, and I know it’s you, I do not doubt.




The author of A Mariposa Azul, Andrea Murgel wrote this beautiful work through unconditional love for her son Dudu, who died in January 2013. In the Book the author points out each stage of the mourning process, which made her study and go deep to understand her reactions and to help other mothers and their family members. Written with her soul, as she herself says, the book is already in it’s second edition, today not only helping other mothers, but has been calling attention of therapists who have been indicating the book frequently to their patients throughout Brazil.

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